GBX GlitterBug® Disclosure Center

GBX GlitterBug® Disclosure Center

Part Number: GBX


The GBX Disclosure Center comes complete with the GlowBar UVA battery operated lamp and the GBX Carry Bag. Also includes power adapter for the GlowBar.

Use with GlitterBug Potion for testing handwashing technique, GlitterBug Gel for teaching proper Hand-Sanitizer technique or the GlitterBug Powder to illuminate "the trail of contamination" that often spreads via hands. Fluorescent particles present on hands will sparkle under the UVA GlowBar. Everybody remembers the results of hand hygiene tests when exposed by the GBX Disclosure Center. The GlowBar may be lifted out for convenient scanning of other surfaces and objects. GBX measurements are 352mm W X 210mm H X 305mm D. (13.875 W X 8.25 H X 12" D)