GlitterBug® Potion Disclosing Lotion, 8-ounce pump-bottle

GlitterBug® Potion Disclosing Lotion, 8-ounce pump-bottle

Part Number: GB.POTION


GlitterBug® Potion allow you to actually see how well hands were washed. When used with a black light any areas on the hands that were not perfectly washed will glow. Those spots and areas that glow indicate residual amount of the lotion thus indicating where better handwashing is needed. This lotion is made using the highest quality ingredients to maximize both performance and safety. The pump dispenses just the right amount to cover a pair of hands, decreasing waste. Over 200 applications per 240ml (8oz) bottle.

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The kids always tell me years later how much they remember using glitter bug just like the red tablets the dentist gave them.
- By Tamika Halsey on Jun 12, 2024
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I have used Glow-Germ in the past but this site is a lot easier to order from.
- By Kirk Wilson on Dec 07, 2022
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It was really surprising to see how well it glows with a black light. Thumbs up!
- By Scott Arnold on Aug 31, 2022
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