Hand Wash Teaching Kits

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MaxiCam Video Disclosure Center Kit


GermBusters Deluxe Kit with Maxi View Box.


GlitterBug Maxi View Box Kit with DVD


GlitterBug Deluxe Kit with DVD & Carrying Bag


GlitterBug GBX Kit with GB.GEL to Teach Hand Hygiene


Germbusters Standard Set


GlitterBug GBX Kit for Teaching Handwashing and More


GlitterBug Handwash Show Standard Kit


GlitterBuddy™ Handwash Kit


Handwash Starter Kit with DVD


Germbusters GlitterBug Handwashing Starter Set


GlitterBug Gel, Potion and SS8 lamp

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GlitterBug Starter Kit


GlitterBug Dangler Kit