Hand Wash Teaching Kits

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MaxiCam Video Disclosure Center Kit


GermBusters Deluxe Kit with Maxi View Box.


GlitterBug Maxi View Box Kit


GlitterBug Deluxe Kit with Carrying Bag


GlitterBug GBX Kit with GB.GEL to Teach Hand Hygiene


Germbusters Standard Set


GlitterBug GBX Kit for Teaching Handwashing and More


GlitterBug Handwash Show Standard Kit


GlitterBuddy™ Handwash Kit


Handwash Starter Kit


Germbusters GlitterBug Handwashing Starter Set


GlitterBug Gel, Potion and SS8 lamp

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GlitterBug Starter Kit


GlitterBug PPE Training Set


GlitterBug Dangler Kit