GermBusters Deluxe Kit with Maxi View Box.

GermBusters Deluxe Kit with Maxi View Box.

Part Number: GGSET.005.US


This set is geared for use with children in mind.  Helpful tools for teaching kids are included.  Two people can easily stand side by side to view their hands under the UVA light. 
This set contains:  GlitterBug Potion (2 bottles), GB Maxi Disclosure Center with LED lamp and Carrying Bag, Germbusters Activity Book, 1 germ button, 2 Bug cards, 5 GlitterBug Reward stickers (ST.GB), one Wash sticker with directions (ST5), one Wash Sticker (ST4), 10 Handwashing Report Forms, 2 GlitterBug Hand brushes and the Ten Potato Scrub and Buddy Bear's Handwashing Troubles books.

Maxi View Box UVA light is configured for 120VAC.  For international versions, please inquire. 

For replacement UVA glass tube see MAXI.LAMP.21

For upgrade to LED lamp see the MAXILAMPLED