GlitterBug GBX Kit with GB.GEL to Teach Hand Hygiene

GBX.KIT.GEL GlitterBug GBX Hand Hygiene Kit including GB.GEL


Same as the GBX.KIT plus a bottle of GlitterBug Gel.

GBX.KIT.GEL kit includes: 

  • An 8-oz pump bottle of new GlitterBug Gel
  • The latest refinement of the famous Brevis GlitterBug GBX Disclosure Center with a Carrying Bag
  • GlowBar lamp with 4 D-cell batteries and an AC/DC adapter for plug-in convenience
  • A Handwashing DVD
  • GlitterBug Potion (240 ml/8oz)
  • GlitterBug Powder (70 gm/2.5 oz)
  • GlitterBug Instruction Manual 
  • One How to Wash Poster (P132)
  • Two sheets of "GlitterBug Reward" stickers (ST.GB)
  • Two Hand Brushes One GlitterBug Magnet
  • A GlitterBug Champion Medallion