Optional Video Camera Unit for GBX

Optional Video Camera Unit for GBX

Part Number: GBX.CAM.US


Brevis will install this camera kit onto your GBX Disclosure Center for you. Therefore the GBX should be purchased along with this Video Camera Kit since installation requires a custom jig that we have here. The Camera Kit includes the power adapter and patch cord. Camera is mounted above the lamp for display on any television with a NTSC composite signal input (usually a single yellow rca jack on the tv).  This is the same camera featured elsewhere with the Maxi.Cam. 

Please note that this camera kit is an optional accessory and should be purchased together with the GBX Disclosure Center so we can install the camera properly. Or this kit can be installed onto a GBX you already own if you return it to Brevis (at your expense). Brevis will do the installation at no charge.