Handwash Starter Kit with DVD

GBHS004.DVD Handwash Starter Kit with DVD and SpotShooter8


Compact in size, yet broad in content, our Starter Kit includes all the ingredients for informative and entertaining training.

Kit includes: SpotShooter8 Lamp with CR123 battery, Handwashing DVD, GlitterBug Potion (240ml/8oz), GlitterBug Powder (70gm/2.5oz, 8oz by volume), GlitterBug Instruction Manual, How to Wash Poster (P132), two sheets of "GlitterBug Reward" stickers (ST.GB), two Hand Brushes, GlitterBug Magnet, and one GlitterBug Champion Medallion. 

Note: Kit includes the SpotShooter8 Lamp instead of the discontinued GlowBar II.

Note: Individual items included in kits are not returnable.