GlitterBug® Gel 8 oz. Bottle

GlitterBug® Gel 8 oz. Bottle

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GlitterBug® GEL is not a sanitizer and does NOT kill germs, but it is an innovative product designed for teaching, testing and evaluating hand-sanitizer application technique.

Ever wonder if you are really getting complete coverage when using hand sanitizer? Of course hand sanitizer can only kill germs that it contacts. GlitterBug® GEL allows you to see coverage and clearly identify areas that are missed. Just shine a GlowBar or SpotShooter® UVA lamp on your hands after applying the GlitterBug GEL—any areas that do not glow brightly were missed and may be harboring hazardous germs. Then adjust your technique to make sure that all facets of your hands get covered.

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