Hand Hygiene Required #3

Hand Hygiene Required #3

Part Number: HHR3


 These colorful cards are designed for visitor information. Important handwashing information is printed on the back of each card.

How do you inform visitors about what is expected of them to prevent the spread of infections? Use our new 4 X 6” colorful signs in or near patient rooms, and other places visitors frequent. Enlist visitors to help the cause of Infection Prevention.

Try our Convenience Pack of 100-assorted cards in a wall dispenser that comes pre-loaded with 20 each of five designs collated in rotating order. Dispenser has holes for hardware mounting or it may be mounted with included double-sided foam tape. See catalog number HHR.CP

For acrylic wall dispenser see HHR.DISP

For package of 100 cards see HHR3.100


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