GlitterBug® Disclosure Center with GlowBarLED and Bag.

GlitterBug® Disclosure Center with GlowBarLED and Bag.

Part Number: GBHS005


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Cheerful and colorful, this disclosure center helps you get serious about hand hygiene. Featuring the new GlowBarLED lamp, it is enormously helpful if you are doing a demonstration in a bright environment. Just use the GlitterBug Potion for testing handwashing technique or the GlitterBug Gel to demonstrate hand sanitizer application. Fluorescent particles present on hands will sparkle under the UVA GlowBar. The GlowBar may be lifted out for convenient scanning of other surfaces and objects. The "ears" of the GlitterBug may be used to store GlitterBug Potion and Powder for carrying convenience. Everybody remembers the results of hand hygiene tests when exposed by the GlitterBug Disclosure Center. Measures 457W X 254H X 356mm D. (18W X 10H X 14" D). Constructed from durable polyethylene.

Included with the Disclosure Center are the GlowBarLED with Power Supply and recharging cord. Also the Disclosure Center Carrying Bag.

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