MRSA Neck Tie in Blue and Gold

MRSA Neck Tie in Blue and Gold

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If you have to wear a tie, wear one that teaches. Here’s a selection of stylish ties with the microbe built right in. Think of the conversations about infection control you’ll be able to start. Images are based on photomicrographs of the actual organisms, and are made from highest quality, 100% silk. Designed to complement every wardrobe, from laboratory to classroom, the patterns represent serious public health challenges facing our 21st century global community.

 A "learning note" with basic information is incorporated on the reverse side of every tie, along with a label crediting the source of the image, and the name of the entity. Example: "MRSA: This mutant strain of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus exercises a potent toxin which attacks the immune system and destroys tissues. Emergence of MRSA in the community underscores the importance of hygiene and prudent antibiotic use."

“Excuse me. There’s something on your tie.” Tie features MRSA photomicrgraphs. Background color is black with blue and gold artwork.