GlitterBuddy™ Handwash Kit

GlitterBuddy™ Handwash Kit

Part Number: GB.BUDDY.KIT


We just love our little GlitterBuddy.  Made of durable paper-board, this unit folds down to a compact box that contains all the items of the kit for convenient transport and storage.  When unfolded, the scary germy-face invites you to look through his mouth to see his devilish pals on your hands.  Black light illumination is provided by the fabulous SpotShooter® 8 which shows all the "GlitterBugs" that are hiding on your hands.  The lamp can easily be removed and used separately.

Kit includes: Disclosure Center, SpotShooter 8 with battery, one tottle of GlitterBug Potion (50ml/1.5oz), one bottle of GlitterBug Powder (18gm/.63oz, 2oz by volume), the GlitterBug instruction Manual, the How to Wash Your Hands Poster (P132), two sheets of "I Was Rude To a Germ" stickers (ST6), GlitterBug Magnet, and two GlitterBug Hand Brushes.

Unfolded unit measures 279W X 216H X 216mm D (11 X 8.5 X 8.5 inches).