MaxiCam Video Disclosure Center Kit

MaxiCam Video Disclosure Center Kit

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GB Maxi View Box with Video Camera, Kit and Carry Bag.

The MaxiCam is an excellent solution for group presentations. Having the GlitterBug test results displayed on a video monitor keeps even the back-row students interested and involved. Critical comments and cat-calls from the audience are to be expected. MaxiCam lamp uses 120VAC power. The camera's power supply operates on any voltage between 100VAC and 240VAC. This camera has a standard RCA style connection (composite) and includes a 183cm (6 foot) video patch cord to plug into the "video-in" jack on your TV, VCR or other video device (A video capture card is required for use with computers.)

The Maxi Cam kit includes: Deluxe Carry Bag, GlitterBug Potion (240ml/8oz bottle), GlitterBug Powder (70gm/2.5oz bottle, 8oz by volume), GlitterBug Instruction Manual, How to Wash poster (P132), two sheets of "I Was Rude To A Germ" stickers (ST6), two GlitterBug Hand Brushes, Glitterbug Magnet, and one GlitterBug Champion Medallion.
MaxiCam measures 730 X 305 X 305 mm (28.5 X 12 X 12 inches).
For use in countries with120VAC power. For use in countries outside of North America using 240VAC, please inquire.