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#ProtektLittleHands creatively shows how little hands and hygiene can co-exist

Godrej protekt, a range of hand hygiene products in India, recently created a video that shows how children love exploring the world with their hands.
And because kids will be kids, Godrej protekt started a hashtag campaign: #ProtektLittleHands.

Watch the spot: 


The video shows a child singing a catchy tune, and it all comes together in an adorable and memorable short film.

Sunil Kataria, business head India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., speaks of the#ProtektLittleHands initiative in this manner:

“Kids these days are inquisitive, enthusiastic and unstoppable. You can’t control them from exploring the world around them and in the process getting their hands dirty. And we know dirty hands mean lots of germs. Protekt believes that parents should encourage their kids to step out of home and explore, as it plays an important role in their development. This thought formed the base of our new campaign #ProtektLittleHands, a campaign which encourages kids to explore all those things which makes them wonder without thinking about getting dirty or worrying about germs. Godrej has always been a conscious brand that is committed to consumer’s health and over all benefit. As a thought leader in the category, we want to bring about a behavioral change and promote a healthy habit of keeping your hands clean and germ free.”

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