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Handwashing Technique Testing

Handwashing technique testing using GlitterBug® products involves employing ultraviolet (UVA) light to visualize the areas on your hands where contaminants might still linger after washing. This provides immediate feedback on your handwashing effectiveness and can help you improve your technique.

Here’s how to test handwashing

    1. Application of tracer: Apply GlitterBug® Potion, a harmless UV-fluorescent lotion, to your hands. This will mimick the presence of germs and contaminants.
    2. Handwashing: Wash your hands as you normally would, following the recommended steps and duration (20+ seconds).
    3. UVA light exposure: Shine the GlowBarLED light on your hands. The lotion will fluoresce brightly revealing any areas where you missed during washing.

Benefits of using GlitterBug® Potion and GlowBarLED for handwashing technique testing

    • Visual feedback: Provides immediate and clear visualization of missed areas, allowing you to focus your efforts on improving your technique.
    • Educational tool: Can be used to raise awareness about the importance of proper handwashing and educate individuals on effective handwashing techniques.
    • Motivational tool: Seeing the areas you missed can serve as a motivator to improve your handwashing habits.

Best UVA LED lamps for handwashing technique testing

    • GlowBarLED: Portable and convenient, this is ideal for individual use or small group demonstrations.
    • GBX GlitterBug® Disclosure Center: A plastic hand-viewing chamber powered by GlowBarLED helps shield out ambient light to help view the glowing effect in bright environments.
    • GlitterBug Maxi Disclosure Center: A larger viewing chamber with plug-in LED light bar which can accommodate two people at once.

Things to keep in mind

    • Prolonged exposure to UVA light can be harmful to eyes, so it’s important to avoid looking directly into the light.
    • UVA light testing only reveals the presence of the GlitterBug® Potion, not actual germs. Therefore, proper handwashing with soap and water is still essential for effective hygiene.
Overall, using GlitterBug® Potion and the GlowBarLED lamp for handwashing technique testing can be a valuable tool for promoting and improving hand hygiene practices. By providing immediate visual feedback, it can help individuals of all ages learn and adopt proper handwashing techniques, ultimately contributing to better overall health by decreasing the spread of germs and disease.

GlitterBug® Powder: A New Formula

If you’ve been using GlitterBug Powder, you’d be glad to know that it now comes in a new formula that does not contain any of the offending substances on California’s Prop 65 list. This product still works just as well as the old formula, and it is even more helpful now. The new GlitterBug Powder is a handy tool for testing and verifying cleaning and environmental hygiene procedures. You can use it to visually demonstrate cross-contamination concepts as well. Let’s dive in and learn more about this innovative product.

What is GlitterBug Powder?
GlitterBug Powder is a fluorescent powder that glows under black light. This makes it useful for demonstrating cross-contamination concepts and for testing and verifying cleaning and environmental hygiene procedures. The original formula of GlitterBug Powder contained a substance that is on California’s Prop 65 list. This made it difficult for some customers to use the product. However, the new formula does not contain any of these substances, making it safe for use by everyone.

GlitterBug® Powder 35g Bottle

How Does GlitterBug Powder Work?
When you sprinkle the powder onto a surface, even the smallest amount will glow brightly with the black light. After you clean the surface, you can use a black light to scan it for any remaining residue. Any residue left on the surface will glow brightly under the black light making it easy to identify.

What are the Benefits of the New Formula?
First and foremost, it does not contain any of the offending substances on California’s Prop 65 list. This means that it is safe for use by everyone. Additionally, the new formula comes in a convenient flip-up bottle with a sprinkle lid. This makes it easy to use and ensures that you can apply the powder precisely where you need it.

How to Use GlitterBug Powder?
Using GlitterBug Powder is easy. Simply sprinkle a small amount of the powder onto a surface that your trainees will touch. After a short amount of time you can scan their hands and surrounding surfaces that they may have touched with a black light. Any remaining residue will fluoresce, making it easy to identify and visually illustrate how cross-contamination occurs.

Who Can Benefit from Using GlitterBug Powder?
GlitterBug Powder is an essential tool for anyone involved in cleaning and hygiene. It is particularly useful for hospitals, schools, food service industries, and anywhere else where cleanliness is paramount.

Is GlitterBug Powder Safe?
Yes, GlitterBug Powder is safe for use. The new formula does not contain any of the substances that were on California’s Prop 65 list and has been tested for safety when used on people’s skin.

Can GlitterBug Powder Be Used on Food Surfaces?
No, GlitterBug Powder should not be used on food surfaces. The product is designed to be used on non-food surfaces only.

The new GlitterBug Powder is available now and can be bought in individual bottles or in cases of 24.

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World Hand Hygiene Day 2017


May 5 is World Hand Hygiene Day. Today the World Health Organization (WHO) reminds the world to “Fight antibiotic resistance—it’s in your hands.”


Hand hygiene is at the core of effective infection prevention and control programs, and actions today serve as a reminder to continue, as well as improve, best practices in this area.


WHO is calling for health workers to clean their hands at the right times, building on hand hygiene improvement efforts made up to now. CEOs, administrators, and managers should support hand hygiene campaigns, and infection prevention and control programs.


If you work in the healthcare field, we want to hear from you. What improvements have you seen in your workplace in regards to hand hygiene? What more could be done? Please let us know on our Facebook page. And join the online conversation with WHO by using #handhygiene and #antibiotic resistance.





GlitterBug Potion

Not long ago we shared a primer on how to use GlitterBug Gel — a great product for measuring the effectiveness of how hand sanitizer is applied. But what about those of us who don’t use hand sanitizer? If you prefer to wash your hands using soap and water, GlitterBug Potion is for you!


We usually think of potion as a substance used in mythology or magic; the stuff of fairy tales and imagination. GlitterBug Potion, however, is a real product used to teach good handwashing technique. The potion consists of a UV fluorescent powder mixed in a special hand lotion.


To see how GlitterBug Potion works, apply the Potion as you would any other lotion. Next, wash your hands as you normally would with soap and water. Dry your hands thoroughly, then check under the light (such as the GlitterBug Disclosure Center). Are any areas of your hands glowing? Those are the areas you need to wash more thoroughly.


Commonly missed areas include the knuckles, sides of the hands, and fingernail area. Consider using a GlitterBug Hand and Nail Scrub Brush to reach those tough spots.


For cleaner hands, a magic wand won’t help you, but GlitterBug Potion will!


Glitterbug Gel or Potion? That is the question . . .

Good handwashing technique is paramount to infection prevention. Most adults would likely say they know how to wash their hands; after all, it’s something they’ve been doing since childhood. Many might be surprised, however, to find out how much residue can be left on their skin after a routine washing. And though it can feel awkward to think about having to learn how to wash your hands—especially as an adult—doing so can make a world of difference in preventing the spread of germs.

GlitterBug Gel and GlitterBug Potion are excellent products to aid in teaching proper hand hygiene to kids and adults alike. Both are intended to show how effective your current hand-cleaning methods are, and in turn, both products teach better techniques for hand-washing.


If both products do the same thing, what are the differences between the two? And which do you need?


A main difference can be found in the name of the products. GlitterBug Gel is just that: a gel. It is not a sanitizer and won’t kill germs, but it feels like a sanitizer. GlitterBug Potion is a hand lotion with a special UV fluorescent powder mixed in to show which part of your hands need a little more cleaning.


Which product you need depends on how you’re cleaning your hands. If you mainly use hand sanitizer, you should use GlitterBug Gel. If you usually wash with soap and water, GlitterBug Potion is for you.
Whichever way you wash your hands, a refresher on how you’re doing is a great way to learn how to be better in preventing the spread of germs.